Reiki Therapist Peaceful Palms Horsham

About Me - Sharon Penny

Qualified Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Therapist Peaceful Palms Horsham

In 2018 I started my Reiki journey, and qualified as a Reiki Practitioner with the Reiki Federation a year later. I was privileged to be asked to be a member of the Reiki Federation committee in January 2020.

I qualified as a nurse in 1976 at Charring Cross Hospital London as a State Enrolled Nurse and continued nursing for 40 years, I did my conversion course to qualify as a Registered General Nurse (RGN). The main part of my nursing career has been in palliative care, 30 years in total at Princess Alice Hospice. In 1996 I qualified as an Aromatherapist in holistic massage, which was the beginning of my Complementary Therapy journey.

Working as a Complementary Coordinator my role included organising all the therapy treatments within the hospice, Inpatient Unit, Day Services and Outpatients and also treating patients and relatives myself.

One of the therapies I introduced into the hospice was Reiki upon it being credited by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The impact of relaxation, peace and calm in patients and relatives after treatment was amazing.

A Reiki research project is currently underway at St. Georges Hospital. Our goal is to spread the word of Reiki along with other complementary therapies out into the community, the NHS and into GP surgeries.

Alongside expanding my Reiki knowledge I also have many hobbies, baking, sewing, singing, theatre, films and gardening. I also love spending time with my family, friends and grandchildren!

I am committed to sharing my Reiki skills with more people so they have the experience of this peaceful, relaxing and calming therapy.

I look forward to sharing my Reiki passion with you.

Peace and Calm always.


What is Reiki?

How Can Complementary Therapies Help You

Reiki is a safe gentle complementary therapy using non-invasive light touch therapy to treat yourself or others. Working beyond creed, religion or caste, Reiki is a calming, relaxing and balancing energy.

Reiki was founded in Japan in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui. The word Reiki is pronounced “ray–key”. Ray, meaning universal light and key meaning energy, which by simulating your body’s own energy can help realign your body’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

The Benefits of Reiki Therapy

• Deep relaxation
• Inner calm
• Reduction of physical symptoms
• Improved sleep
• More energised
• Increased mental focus
• Relief from stress and anxiety
• Accelerated recovery from injury
• Boosted immune system

Reiki therapy is safe to be given to people of all ages from young babies through to the elderly. Having recently undergone self-regulation process, Reiki is now approved by the Complementary and Natural healthcare council (CNHC). This allows Reiki therapy to be used within Hospices, Nursing homes NHS and private practice.

What Happens During Treatment?

Reiki Therapist Chakras Horsham

Before we begin our Reiki therapy journey together we will complete a consultation form examining your medical history, current or ongoing medical treatments and medications. We will then discuss your lifestyle and why you require Reiki therapy. All information collated at this consultation is strictly confidential.

If you are new to Reiki therapy I will explain the Reiki process to you, ask if you have any questions and you will then be asked to remove your shoes. You will be able to lie on the treatment couch or sit on a chair for the treatment; the decision is yours and should be however you feel most comfortable.

The treatment room should be at a comfortable temperature with soft lighting and soothing back ground music to enhance your Reiki experience.

Reiki energy will flow through my hands to you I will start at your head working my way round your body with gentle non-invasive touch, holding my hands over your energy points for a few minutes. You may feel heat, coldness or see colours. These colours relate to chakras, the energy centres of the body!

The treatment will finish on your feet. You will be offered water at the end of your treatment we will discuss and record your experience.

Reiki is a wonderful harmonious therapy and you should be left feeling calm and balanced with an overall feeling of wellbeing and renewed energy.

Simple Pricing

For Individual and Regular Treatments

Your first treatment will be 1 ½ hours due to consultation and assessment of treatment needed. There after the treatments will be 1 hour. The amount of treatments needed vary from client to client depending on the problems; chronic problems may need more treatments and take longer to recover Whereas other problems may need fewer treatments to recover, all decisions are made together, and some clients may choose to follow treatments with a monthly or weekly maintenance treatment depending on their preference.

Description of Service Time Price
Initial Consultation & Assessment 1½ hrs £40
Reiki Treatment  1 hr £35

Get In Touch

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